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Glass Jar Variety

From the vial to more than 10 liters of capacity is 1ML large bottle, from round, square, irregular and handle bottles, transparent amber, green, blue, black light bottle and the opacity of opaque glass bottle, the list goes on. As far as the manufacturing process glass is generally divided into molded bottles (using the model bottle) and bottle (glass bottles) in two categories. Molded bottles are divided into wide-mouth bottles (bottle 30MM in diameter) and narrow-necked bottles of two categories. The former used to hold powdered, blocks and pastes, which used to hold liquids. Into the Cork as a bottle neck, threaded neck, canopy top, roll-neck scrub top etc. By usage into a disused "bottle" and repeatedly used the "bottles". Classified by costumes, can be divided into wine bottles, beverage bottles, jars, cans bottles, acid bottles, medicine bottles, reagent bottles, infusion bottles, cosmetic bottles, and so on.