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Steel classification

Rebar there are two methods commonly used classification: classification is based on geometric shapes, according to transverse cross section shape and spacing different classification or type of rib, such as the United Kingdom (BS4449), the rebar into type ⅰ and type ⅱ. This mode of classification main reactive steel holding performance. II is to performance classification (level), for example China existing implementation standard, rebar for (g B1499.2-2007) wire for 1499.1-2008) in the, by strength level (yield points/tensile strength) will rebar is divided into 3 a grade; Japan Industrial Standard (JI SG3112) in the, by integrated performance will rebar is divided into 5 a type; United Kingdom standard (BS4461) in the, also provides has rebar performance test of several grade. In addition can also be classified by use of rebar, is divided into ordinary reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete reinforcement, heat treatment.