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Speed effect of aluminum foil

Aluminum foil rolling process, the foil thickness of rolling system of litres of thinning phenomenon called the speed effect. Speed effect mechanism of interpretation is subject to thorough research, produce effects generally believed that because of the following three aspects:

1), changes in work roll and rolling friction between the material, with the rolling speed increased, lubricating oil into increased, so that the lubrication between roller and rolling materials change. Coefficient of friction reducing oil thickening, thinning of the thickness of aluminum foil.

2), changes in the mill itself. Using the cylindrical bearing mill, along with the rolling speed increased, float roll neck bearings, so that the load on the interaction between two rollers to move close to each other.

3), processing of materials when they were rolling to soften. High speed aluminum foil rolling mill rolling speed is very high, with the rolling speed increased, high temperature of deformation zone, according to calculate the deformation of the metal temperature can rise up to 200 c, equivalent to a recovery in the Middle annealing, caused by processing of rolled material softening.

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